We've been having a blast stocking the shelves with quilting fabrics and flannels. We can't wait for you to see them too!

Notions and Crafts

To complete your projects we've got batting, wool applique, threads and notions as well as crafts and crafting materials.

Quilts and Home Decor Items

Love quilts but don't have the time to make one?  We have a lovely collection of home made quilts, perfect for every occasion.

We have interesting home décor items, gifts, and trinkets.

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What is the Beehive all about?

We chose this symbol of a Beehive because it's a great reflection of community and being busy.

We are all busy these days which is why it's so important to take time to come together with others who share common interests.

Quilting isn't just sewing - it's about designing a meaningful piece of art that will last for generations.  It's a piece of ourselves.  And, whether we are creating that special project for ourselves, our homes, families, or someone who just might need a special "hug", we usually want to be able to talk about, sew with, and share it with like minded friends.

We want QuiltBees to be that special space where you can gather, shop (naturally!), sew, and  chat about your projects.


Come and visit us...

22 Main Street East, VanKleek Hill Ontario

Bring your favorite project to share, come and meet other quilters.